Who are Vina CHG?

Vina CHG specializes in consulting and providing anti-counterfeiting solutions to all local and international business from multiple fields. Vina CHG’s activity of printing anti-counterfeiting stamps has been licensed according to government’s Decree No.60/NĐ-CP/2014.
The anti-counterfeiting solutions provided by Vina CHG are highly appreciated by customers because of their legal guarantee and product identification management. Additionally, these anti-counterfeiting solutions are supported by the government thanks to their benefits in product circulation in the market. Especially, Vina CHG provides business with anti-counterfeiting solutions at the most reasonable price.
Besides, Vina CHG supplies other free services which are sending free messages to 8077, utilizing VinaCheck solutions to save customer database, managing product circulation, assisting in investigations on counterfeiting products, stamps and media.

The legal basis for the operation of Vina CHG:

  • Certificate of business registration.

  • Certificate of printing anti-counterfeiting stamp, publication (according to Decree 60/2014/ND-CP of the Government in 2014).

  • Certificate of eligibility for activities related to security and order.

  • Certificate of trade mark registration.

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Why should you choose Vina CHG?


The latest technologies

Your brand will be protected by the latest anti-counterfeiting technologies.

Ensure the legality

Vina CHG ensures the legality of all anti-counterfeiting solutions.


We will always support you.

Choose Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions
for your business today

Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions provided by Vina CHG help ensure the legality, manage products, trace the origin of products, and solve counterfeiting problems in Vietnam. All of Vina CHG's anti-counterfeiting solutions are recommended by the government and companies who have applied them in their business.

Hi-tech anti-counterfeiting stamps enabling product traceability

Licensed in the anti-counterfeiting field in accordance to government’s Decree No.60/NĐ-CP/2014, Vina CHG is proud to be the top supplier of product traceability solutions, high-tech anti-counterfeiting stamps which ensure the legality and confidentiality at the highest level.

Vina CHG always invests, upgrades and improves the latest technology on anti-counterfeiting stamps; launches new anti-counterfeiting stamps and smart stamps on the market in order to provide businesses and customers with effective tools to prevent counterfeit products.

In addition to providing anti-counterfeiting features and quickly distinguishing between fake products and authentic products, Vina CHG’s hi-tech anti-counterfeiting stamps assist business in promoting the brand, managing product circulation in the market, activating the warranty, etc. Noticeably, Vina Check anti-counterfeit stamp enabling product traceability is a high-tech anti-counterfeiting solution which allows product traceability using QR code and assists business in managing products and customers.

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