Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

Not just Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

The anti-counterfeiting solutions provided by Vina CHG are highly appreciated by customers because of their legal guarantee, product management, etc. Additionally, these anti-counterfeiting solutions are supported by the government thanks to their benefits in product circulation in the market.

Below are three major anti-counterfeiting solutions provided by Vina CHG.

Hi-tech anti-counterfeiting stamps enabling product traceability

Licensed in the anti-counterfeiting field in accordance to government’s Decree No.60/NĐ-CP/2014, Vina CHG is proud to be the top supplier of product traceability solutions, high-tech anti-counterfeiting stamps which ensure the legality and confidentiality at the highest level.

Vina CHG always invests, upgrades and improves the latest technology on anti-counterfeiting stamps; launches new anti-counterfeiting stamps and smart stamps on the market in order to provide businesses and customers with effective tools to prevent counterfeit products.

In addition to providing anti-counterfeiting features and quickly distinguishing between fake products and authentic products, Vina CHG’s hi-tech anti-counterfeiting stamps assist business in promoting the brand, managing product circulation in the market, activating the warranty, etc. Noticeably, Vina Check anti-counterfeit stamp enabling product traceability is a high-tech anti-counterfeiting solution which allows product traceability using QR code and assists business in managing products and customers.

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Anti-counterfeiting communication solution

Beside high-tech anti-counterfeiting solutions, Vina CHG also provides anti-counterfeiting communication solutions. Businesses can use these solutions to help promote their anti-counterfeiting activities through the mass media. Vina CHG also has strong connections with many prestigious and influential newspapers in every field and industry.

Noticeably, Vina CHG is currently operating and administering the Vietnam Anti-counterfeiting Communication Portal. This website provides information about activities against counterfeit goods, commercial fraud, intellectual property violation as well as those about businesses and consumers right protection. The website is supported and highly appreciated by many governmental agencies that work in the anti-counterfeiting industry of Vietnam.

Solution to investigation and handling counterfeit goods

Among other core solutions of Vina CHG, this one provides aid to businesses that suffer from infringement of intellectual property rights, trademark and products.

Having strong connections with many governmental agencies in anti-counterfeiting fields such as the Market Surveillance Agency, the Vietnam Competition Authority and the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam, Vina CHG serves as an excellent coordinator between businesses and competent authorities on counterfeit goods investigation and handling.