Driver caught smuggling ‘made in Hong Kong’ jams into Da Lat

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5 May, 2017
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Driver caught smuggling ‘made in Hong Kong’ jams into Da Lat

A man was caught by market surveillance officers halfway through his trip to deliver a large shipment of ‘made in Hong Kong’ jams from Vietnam’s northern border with China to Da Lat, the country’s famed produce hub.

Authorities suspect the products were en route to be deceitfully relabeled as having originated in Da Lat.

Quach Van Hanh, 39, was driving his truck to Da Lat on Wednesday when he was pulled over by a market watchdog team in the south-central province of Phu Yen, about 245km shy of his destination.

Upon inspecting the truck’s cargo, officers found 750kg of dried peaches, labeled ‘Made in Hong Kong,’ and more than 250kg of other jams stored in bags and boxes displaying Chinese labels.

None of the packaging displayed manufacturing and expiry dates and the driver was unable to present papers or receipts for the shipment.

Hanh said he was hired to transport the jams from Hanoi-based Giap Bat Bus Station to a seller in Da Lat.

The Phu Yen market surveillance unit said they had issued Hanh with an administrative ticket for smuggling and are continuing their investigation into the case.

Dishonest traders in Da Lat often source cheap and low-quality products from China and forge their origins before selling them under the guise of made-in-Da Lat specialties.

Da Lat authorities have repeatedly recommended that tourists shop at trustworthy stores and remain cautious when approached with invitations to buy cheap ‘specialty’ products.

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