Vina CHG: Pioneers in the fight against counterfeiting

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5 May, 2017
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8 May, 2017

Vina CHG: Pioneers in the fight against counterfeiting

Start researching and offering anti-counterfeiting solutions integrating modern technology from the years 2008-2009, current, Vina CHG is one of the leading anti-counterfeit trademarks Vietnam.

Since a transparent economy, fair

Mr. Nguyen Viet Hong, Chairman – CEO of Vina CHG ever said: “Anti-counterfeiting is the mission of career, my life!”.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Hong, Chairman - CEO of Vina CHG

Mr. Nguyen Viet Hong, Chairman – CEO of Vina CHG

Talking about this choice, he said: “Before the establishment of Vina CHG , I have 14 years of struggle with a lot of work, are exposed to many businesses, listen affliction of them when instead concentrated on building brand for products already being counterfeited, causing many implications …

In 2008, Vietnam officially joins the WTO, a prerequisite for enterprises Vietnam is to register the right to intellectual property, establishing brand value, brand, including the application of science – the tech anti-counterfeiting and traceability of goods. That motivated me to plunge into anti-counterfeiting technology applications in anti-counterfeiting stamps, and entered the field of anti-counterfeiting very complex society are concerned. ”

Once established, in addition to offering the products, solutions against counterfeiting diversity, quality, Vina CHG also cooperate closely with the management agency of state, from the Steering Committee of 389 countries, Bureau of Market Management, competition Management Department, Department of Intellectual Property, associations … in supporting the investigation, detection and handling of counterfeit and pirated goods, commercial fraud.

In particular, annual, Vina CHG organizes meetings between agency management, anti-counterfeiting enterprises and consumers to Protect Consumers On 15/03, 29/11 Anti-Counterfeiting Day every year to declare communication about the way, meaning the fight against counterfeiting.

Scientific applications – high in anti-counterfeiting technology

Vina CHG granted operation license to print stamps against counterfeiting in accordance with the law and regulations in Decree 60 / ND-CP / 2014 of the Government to ensure the legality of the anti-counterfeiting stamps of Vina CHG circulation market.

After many updates, upgrade technology against counterfeiting stamps, collaboration with experts in the field of science and technology against imitation of Germany, Switzerland, Japan, India … Show Vina CHG succeeded while offering solutions against counterfeiting stamps intelligent Vina check combines multiple technologies (6 features) against counterfeiting, from retrieving check the origin of products, distinguish fakes genuine goods, trigger and search history warranty, sales managers, information and promotions, instructions on how to use and the features of the products, support enterprises in brand promotion, management of goods, agents, distribution systems , activate warranty …

Stamp traceability vinacheck

VinaCheck received very high appreciation of state management agencies, businesses. Dam Thanh The, Chief of Board 389 countries also said that stamps intelligent Vina Check the solution for traceability products very practical should be deployed deep in the enterprise to help companies protect trademarks while consumers distinguish genuine fakes quickly and accurately.

Vina Check coded stamps and synchronize data with the host system, only be one single check and can hide this layer under a QR Code scratch coating. Combining multiple technologies to combat counterfeit stamps will also help enhance the security and anti-counterfeiting capabilities of stamps, combating counterfeiting the stamps.

Users only need to use smartphone software installed scan barcodes, check and check traceability of products, the information will appear, including: Origin, characteristics, specifications, production units, distribution , days of inventory, contact us.

On stamps also for user code message (SMS) on PABX when want authenticity and traceability of product authenticity quickly. Vina Check not only help businesses protect themselves and users, but also enable them easier to manage inventory, sales encroachment line encroached areas, management systems circulation of goods on the market … through apps smartphones.

Solutions against counterfeiting of Vina CHG has been many enterprises exterior and is investing and trading in Vietnam market used as Group NGK Japan, brand speakers BMB Japan, Brand Anestiwata Japan .

This year, Vina CHG continues to promote investment, technological upgrading combat counterfeiting and to coordinate more closely with the management bodies of the State and the civil society organizations in the fight against counterfeiting, brand protection brand companies and the interests of consumers.

According to Mr. Nguyen Viet Hong, the fight against counterfeiting extremely difficult, not benefit immediately, but bring sustainable development for businesses. “The long term vision is extremely important for people to do business. It’s something not at Vietnam enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises lacking, “said Hong sharing.

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